Montage Monday and More

6 Aug

“Time waits for no man. That’s because man is sitting on the sofa watching sports, or yelling at some commercial. Time waits for woman, because she’s making dinner, cleaning the kitchen, feeding the baby, and making sure the kids did their homework and said their prayers after their baths, then tucking them in for the night. Time has to wait.”

~ Unknown… (OK, it was me)


I just threw in that quote because time seems to be slipping away. I’ve been visiting Matt in Venice, CA for a week and I go home soon. The time just flew by. A very fun week with a lot of sight seeing, great vegan food, sunshine, entertainment, Sunday morning Mass, museums, walking, perfect weather, FaceTime with grand babies, and the very best part… spending quality time with my youngest son. He’s my knight in shining armor.

A week in a peek…

Yesterday after church and the Norton Simon Museum, Matt took me to an Italian restaurant that had vegan pizza. Seriously, it was delicious. I may not switch to a total vegetarian or vegan, but I’m going to give it about 90%.

For my penance, I had pizza in Purgatory. That was the name of the pizza place. Pretty appropriate for Sunday after church.

Happy Monday, my friends.

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