Friday:) From the Fire Into the Texas Frying Pan and My Firemen.

17 Aug

“It’s not just hot out there, it’s DANG HOT!”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


How hot was it, Miss Toni? It was so hot that I went into the fridge and found a cold York peppermint patty and ate it. I don’t even like mint, but it sounded like a good idea at the time.

The good news is my air conditioning is working like a charm after Joplin’s came out Tuesday to replace EVERYTHING. The bad news is, the bill will be on my next credit card statement.🤦‍♀️

I picked up Bella around 8 this morning and took her for a walk, brought her home, then walked about a mile or so on the shady side of the street before the heat escalated. Around 11, I headed over to the Square to meet my friend Sandy for lunch, but first a quick stop at Station 9 to drop off some of my brownies and Miss Pat’s cookies. Just as I pulled into the lot, the fire truck and ambulance pulled out. Thank goodness I keep an insulated bag in my car so I could come back later.

Sandy and I had a nice lunch at The Pantry and did some catching up. Later, I visited Gail over at The Last Gallery, and stopped for an ice tea at SNUG on the Square. I actually got to see Miss Sandra (the owner) running in and out, but stopped her long enough to do a quick selfie and get a hug, She is so sweet.

I stopped for groceries and gas at Kroger on the way home. I was so excited because I finally had some Kroger points, enough to get 20 cents off a gallon. I don’t drive that much, so my points kept expiring before I could use them. $1.83 a gallon, or something like that. Woo-double-hoo.

The fire trucks were back in their bay when I drove home. (The station is walking distance from my house) I dropped off the cookies and brownies. Of course, I always get greeted with a smile and my previous container. I told the young firefighter that he sounded out of breath when he answered the phone. He said he had been running and working out. I told him it was to hot out there, and he smiled and said, “We’ve got to stay in shape and work off all these cookies.” Cute.

After I got home and put my groceries away and fed he dog, I was looking at Facebook. Sherri Murphy had a cool picture of a little restaurant in Celina, and mentioned that she’d have to go back with a girlfriend sometime. I commented, “I know just the girlfriend!” Sherri is my impromptu buddy that calls and says, “What ya doin'” and off we go on some adventure. I smiled to myself, and a second later when my phone rang, and I saw it was Sherri. I answered the phone, “I’m putting on my shoes. Where we goin’ ?” She laughed hysterically.

She invited me to go with her to an open house grand opening for a new shop on the Square, FINE + WELL. So, off we go in a few minutes on a new adventure. I’ll have pictures as soon as I get back. BYE!….

Well, I’m back. Sherri and I had dinner at Spoons, and walked around a little. It was still extremely hot out there. But, we had a great meal and seat by the window at Spoon’s.

We walked over to Fine +WELL. It’s a quaint new shop on the Square featuring comfortable natural fiber clothing, wellness consultations and classes, CBD products, and promoting other ways to live a more healthful life.

Owner, Carlene Saelg, took some time to explain the concept of the new shop and future plans. It was great to see a lot of the old familiar faces and friends.

Sherri had picked me up, so when we got back to my house, she stopped in for a while to join me for Black Russian Friday. Nice! Cheers, my friends!

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