Toni’s Repeat Tuesday: MY AOD

21 Aug

“Maturity is recalling the outrageous things your former spouse did to upset you, then turning over and going to sleep.”

– Eileen Dight


Another year has passed, so this is the 5th anniversary of my divorce, AOD. Over these past five years, I don’t think of them as painful, as much a a huge blessing. I am more than convinced that God was looking out for me and saved me from what could have been a huge disaster, even life threatening. You think you know someone after being with them and loving them for 43 years. But, you don’t. And the sad part is, it can happen to anyone…and it does. I was lucky. I don’t wake up sad everyday, especially not today. I say, “THANK YOU LORD.”


When I looked at my cell phone to see what time it was this morning, I realized it was Aug,20, the 4th anniversary of my divorce, (Today is the 5th Anniversary.) and the 5th anniversary of his moving out,(6 years.) Now, I pretty much did what the quote above said. I remembered how that afternoon he came from the court hearing, handed me the final signed divorce documents in my driveway, like he was handing me the newspaper, got back into his car, then drove away without a word. Anyone that cold and cruel just isn’t human or worthy of any more tears. I remembered that vivid scene this morning, then I turned over and went back to sleep.

I’m looking forward to Thursday, Aug. 23rd, when I celebrate the anniversary of my new home and my new life with a whole bunch of my very dear friends. That will be a fun celebration and post to share. PARTY!!!!! I’ll keep you posted. (My party is this Friday this year-stop over.)


So, when I was trying to think of what to write about today, I thought that repeating my divorce date today was the most appropriate. This is a good day to count my blessings and thank God, my friends, and my family for my wonderful life,

I looked up acronyms. I didn’t see one for A.O.D, anniversary of divorce. I guess, now there is one.

But, I did find a lot of funny quotes and memes and cartoons. I’m glad I can smile and laugh about it now.

I guess a lot of people have gone through the same thing or there wouldn’t be so many poignant and funny things to share. Here ya go…

One Response to “Toni’s Repeat Tuesday: MY AOD”

  1. ccbarr August 21, 2019 at 2:07 am #

    Happy Independence Day!

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