Theme Song Thursday:) Karaoke or No Karaoke

30 Aug

I’m a huge karaoke person even though I have the worst singing voice. When you love doing something, who cares?

Hoda Kotb


Today is karaoke Thursday. We all showed up at Delaney’s Irish Pub, just like we do every Thursday night. Sherri Murphy said she was going to join us tonight and offered to pick me up so I could have a glass of wine. I don’t drink and drive. I was pretty excited because I love when Sherri joins us. She’s a happy fun singer.

We arrived before 7, only to find Paul, out KJ was setting up in the back of the room. He said there was a group watching the Texas A&M game, so we’d be on the other side. A few minutes later, Paul was told that karaoke would be canceled because the room was reserved for the A&M group. Well, we had already ordered food and drinks and were pretty annoyed. We’ve been coming every Thursday since January. They cancelled karaoke last minute for a football game. They could have let us know last week.

So, we finished our food and drinks, and most everyone else went home. Sherri and I googled and called some other places that might have karaoke. We found The Revel in Frisco. Now, the cool part is they had a live rock band for back up instead of recorded music. Sherri and I went over there. Neither of us had ever sand with a live band before, and we were both nervous.

Sherri was awesome.

My first song was SO atrocious and off key. Yikes. I tried another one later, then gave up.

I guess my rock star days and going on the road ain’t happening any time soon. I’m not quitting my day job. Wait! I don’t have a day job. But, it was fun night. Thanks Sherri Murphy.

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