Saturday:) Super Lazy Saturday and a Sunset

1 Sep

“Progress isn’t made by early risers. It’s made by lazy men trying to find easier ways to do something.”

― Robert Heinlein


Sometimes you just need a day to catch up on your sleep, sit around most the day, and just do nothing productive. I was going to sleep late, but I remembered that I needed to pick up Bella from Mr. Mike’s. He was leaving for the airport around 5 am, so I wanted to pick her up before 8. Ha! Here’s the plan. I picked her up, walked her, then we went back sleep till after 11.

We sat around, watched tv, and took a couple little walks. Well, it was getting warm again, so she took little walks and I took a couple of longer ones afterwards,

alone. I guess I wasn’t super lazy, but I don’t count my walks as productive. But, I did get 4.7 miles walking in, just no housework.

Summer is fading into Fall, and the sunsets are earlier every day. I’m not looking forward to changing the clocks back and losing another hour in the Fall. Chasing the sunset…

Happy Lazy Saturday, my friends.

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