Tuesday:) Toni’s Tiny Lucky Ladybug

4 Sep

“Luck is what you have left over after you give 100 percent.

Langston Coleman


Lady bugs are supposed to be a symbol of good luck. I never knew the origin of that history or even where the name came from. The other day, I found a ladybug sitting in the middle of my kitchen counter island. I carefully captured her in my hand and walked her to the back door and set her free outside. I figured if finding one was good luck, then killing one would be bad luck. I’ve been very lucky and blessed thus far, so I didn’t want to jinx that.

One of my Facebook friends posted something about the history of how the ladybug got her name. I had never heard that story. And, here is an over abundance of information (TMI) about the legend and history of the ladybug.

Having a ladybug land on you can be a magical moment. While other insects may pose a threat to humans, animals and crops alike, ladybugs are harmless — and even better, they’re beneficial! That’s why so many cultures over the centuries have cherished ladybugs, believing them to bring good luck.

A Good Insect

Ladybugs, which are members of the beetle family, come in a variety of colors, notably red, and are recognized by the distinctive dots on their oval-shaped hard bodies. Farmers encourage ladybug populations in their fields because ladybugs protect crops from insects, especially from aphids and other sap feeders who can do great damage. A single ladybug can eat as many as 5,000 aphids in its lifetime, according to the University of Kentucky Department of Entomology.


Even though the ladybug is a North American insect, its delicate and artistic appearance has made it popular In many cultures, with a variety of superstitions to go along. One well-known superstition shared with children across cultures is: Never kill a ladybug because doing so will bring bad luck. The source of this adage was likely farmers, who wanted to protect these tiny but efficient crop defenders.

A Source of Good Luck

Some cultures believe seeing a ladybug brings good luck. The person may then succeed in love, have good weather, experience financial success or simply receive some other desired wish. Other cultures presume having a ladybug land on you brings good luck, or that whatever a ladybug lands on will be replaced with an improved version. Feng shui, the art of arranging spaces for optimum flow of energy, often incorporates the ladybug symbol.

Christian Symbolism

The ladybug’s distinctive spots also contribute to the symbolism surrounding the insect. In the Middle Ages, European Christian societies believed the beetle’s spots represented the Seven Sorrows of Mary, according to Catholic Answers Forum. After the farmers prayed to the Virgin Mary to protect their crops, ladybugs supposedly appeared to defend the crops. The farmers called the bugs “Beetles of Our Lady,” which evolved into “ladybugs” — hence a reference to the Virgin Mary.

One Response to “Tuesday:) Toni’s Tiny Lucky Ladybug”

  1. ccbarr September 4, 2019 at 10:39 am #

    My sister taught me a rhyme to be said/sung to a lady bug before you let her go”Lady bug,Lady bug fly away home, your house is on fire ,your children all gone except little Ann who hid under the pan.
    Odd …

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