Sunday Sermon and Some Awesome Friends

9 Sep

“Giving materialistically is the soft option, but when you give from what you do for others then your reward is immeasurable contentment.”

― Stephen Richards


It was an early 6:30 alarm this morning, I needed to feed and walk the dog, frost my cupcakes for brunch later, get ready and dressed for church, pick up Miss Jeanne from the assisted living place, and get to church by 8:30 in time to greet before Mass. The glowing orange sun was just easing up above the horizon when I walked the dog around 7. The cupcakes got frosted, I got changed, picked up Miss Jeanne, and I got that all that done with three minutes to spare. I pulled up to the side door at church, got Miss Jeanne’s walker out of my trunk, and parked by 8:27. Mary usually picks her up when she needs a ride, but she was on a retreat this weekend. I was very proud that I got that all done on time,

A lot of smiles and hugs at the door. My little friend Liam always scurries up to see what matchbox car I have hidden in my purse. Today, it was a police cruiser. Look at that smile.

Today’s Gospel from Luke was about Jesus telling the crowds that in order to be His disciple, you must give up everything, and follow Him. He used the examples, if you were building a tower, you would first sit down, make a plan and make sure you had enough funds. If a king was to be engaged in a war, he would make sure he had enough soldiers, if not, he would send envoys to settle a truce.

“No one who does not carry his cross and come after me can be my disciple.”

My take on it… this life is like a preparation. Like building a tower or engaging in a war, make sure you are prepared for the outcome, the grand finale. Sit down and make a plan and make sure you are doing your best to be prepared. You only have one chance at getting it right. As for carrying your cross, we all have our own crosses to carry in life, but it’s how we handle the burden that counts.


After Mass, I asked Miss Jeanne if she’d like to stop at McDonald’s for coffee. The sweet 91 year young lady said that she’d live too. She doesn’t get out much, so it would be a treat. She lost her husband last year, so she’s been very lonely. We had a nice conversation about friends, family, church, etc. A couple of ladies stopped at our table to say hello and introduce themselves. They said that they see us all the time at church and it’s nice to know people’s names. (I already forgot. But, I’ll keep at it.)

Miss Jeanne.

When I got home, I let the dog out again, changed clothes and got my cupcakes ready for the picnic brunch at Miss Pat’s and The Magnificent 7. Of course, a couple of dozen were dropped off at my fire station on the way. We have seven friends that live in the same apartment complex, so,when they host a party, we just go from apartment to apartment and mix and mingle. It was mostly our Single Mingle group. It was a potluck and there was SO MUCH food and lots of wine, mimosas, and various beverages.

A wonderful Sunday with awesome friends. Happy Sunday, my friends.

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