Wednesday:) When Words Aren’t Enough

10 Oct

“It is not enough just to wish well; we must also do well.”

-Saint Ambrose


Today, we said farewell to our dear friend Miss Nelma. Nelma Hyde was the sweetest, kindest lady that you’d ever want to meet. She passed away September 29th, and she will be greatly missed.

I met Miss Nelma when she moved into Towne Creek Apartments about a dozen years ago while I was volunteering teaching art classes. She found out that there were art classes every Friday, and she decided that she wanted to be an artist. Ah, and that she did. She arrived a blank slate, and as I told her many times, the student out shined the teacher.

Instead of telling you about this beautiful talented angel, I’ll just show you a few pictures. You can see the sparkling eyes, genuine smile, and beautiful soul.

When words aren’t enough…

This picture sums up her life the last few years. Her life was just a “cup of coffee with Jesus.”

This painting was done with only coffee for paint and her love of Jesus for inspiration. “I’m sure you’re having a cup of coffee with Jesus every morning now, Miss Nelma.”

We will miss you like crazy Miss Nelma. ❤️

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