Wednesday:) What’s Cookin’ Miss Toni? I’ve Been Baking Up A Storm

24 Oct

“It’s not what’s in the oven that counts, it’s what’s in the heart of the cook.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


Well, we had a busy day. My sister and I did a lot of running around and errands. Then, she drove me over to Joe’s house. She got to visit with the granddaughters a little bit, then she went home. I’m staying here and going to practice the Grandma routine a few days, then I get to babysit while mom and dad have a little get away. I didn’t have a chance to take any pictures, but you know there will be a lot…coming soon.

So, today I decided to share one of my last baking projects. No, not brownies or cupcakes. You know all those late night painting sessions lately? This was the latest painting/baking project.

I call them my purplebonnetts, because they look like my bluebonnets, just purple. But, you might call them lavender.

I baked them in the oven, per directions to heat set, along with the previous week’s red roses. My oven was full and blossoming with color.

I have quite the collection of lovely hand-painted wine glasses now. A busy October, painting and baking. And these colorful concoctions are calorie free.

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