Montage Monday and a Little More

4 Nov

You have to squeeze every creative moment and be grateful.

Erica Durance


A week in a peek…. a fun, busy week with family and friends.

My last full day in Chicago/Elgin. My sister and I couldn’t decide what to do today. It was too chilly and damp for an all day outdoor excursion. We did rake the entire front yard this morning, and put all the huge piles of leaves by the curb just in time for the city leaf collection truck to suck them all up.

After much pondering, we decided to take a drive over to St. Charles or Geneva. But first, where to go for lunch? We drove around Elgin, but couldn’t decide. Then, she had an idea. How about the buffet at the Grand Victoria River Boat Casino? Well, someone up there was looking out for us. The buffet wasn’t open on Monday, so we went to the little restaurant across the way. The place was empty.

Uh oh! This was almost as decadent. Patty melt and fries.

Neither Jo Ann or I are big on gambling. So, we’re probably the only people in the history of the gambling riverboat that ever just came for lunch and left without putting a single penny into a slot machine. We saved a LOT of money by not gambling and throwing away our money.

After our healthy lunch, (not) we drove along the river towards St. Charles and Geneva. There were beautiful houses/mansions along the river. Nice drive.

For excitement, we stopped at a drive through car wash on the way home. Doesn’t get more exciting than that.

Feeling full and guilty, we took a nice little walk when we got home. That was my mundane Monday.

Happy mundane Monday, my friends.

One Response to “Montage Monday and a Little More”

  1. ccbarr November 5, 2019 at 12:29 am #

    Keep a jacket handy when you get back to Tx. Brisk

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