Tuesday:) Travels With Toni

5 Nov

“There’s no place like home, but sometimes you have several places that you call home.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


This morning’s adventure started before 5 am. I had an 8 am flight from Chicago to Dallas. My sister was kind enough to wake before the crack of dawn to take me to the airport before 6. Traffic was pretty busy at 6am. So many people rushing off to work.

Although I say there’s no place like home, there are so many places that are home. When I’m in McKinney, I tell my friends that I’m going back home to visit family and friends. When I leave Chicago, I say I’m going home and back to my house and friends and old routine. I’m home at my sister’s. I’m home at my son’s. I’m home when I’m at a friend’s house. I guess it’s true. “Home is where you hang your hat.” (Even your Grinch or sock monkey hat.)

My flight was only delayed about half an hour. I sat patiently by the gate, along with hundreds of other passengers. At one point, a little boy shrieked out to his dad, “My nose is running!” Dad, being a man, didn’t have a Kleenex, so he used his fingers and wiped the kid’s nose. Mom looked over, mortified, and searched through her bag for a Kleenex, to no avail. I quickly dug into my purse and took out a new travel pack of tissues and handed it to the appreciative mom. She tried to return the remainder, but I told her to keep it, and she’d probably need more in a minute. She thanked me. (Moms have to look out for one another.)

O’Hare is a super busy airport. I decided to get to the restroom well before boarding, to allow for distance. I was getting ready to wash my hands when I saw a familiar face reach over to hug me. It was Louise. My friend Vicky’s sister-in-law or something like that, a close relative of hers who I probably haven’t seen since one of the weddings or birthdays many years ago. But, through the magic of Facebook, we all get to keep in touch. So, of course, I said, “Let’s take a selfie.” O’Hare Airport restroom selfie…

Back to the gate and all the hurry up and wait routines.

The flight was packed, but managed to arrive on time. I spent most of the two hours trying to keep my eyes open while watching the movie “Coco” on the tiny screen. I think I nodded off more than watched, having had only about four hours sleep.

Helene arrived early and was waiting by baggage claim while I was outside in the drizzle texting her whee I was. I told her to come late so she wouldn’t have to wait. We kept texting, I’m upstairs, no I’m downstairs, and missing each other. Finally, I said stay still, I’ll come find you. I put in about 2 1/2 miles just airport walking today.

We stopped for lunch on the way home. I was hungry and tired. When I got home, I quick like a bunny, found my voter registration card and went to the college to vote. Last day today.

On the way home, I stopped and picked up Bella, my canine companion. She was happy to see me.

I took her for a walk in the park, then went over to Kathy’s to get all my mail. Lots of bills and statements and flyers and so many Medicare and supplemental advertisements.

Instead of taking a rest, I’m off to have dinner with friends, because…. There’s no place like home.

Happy Tuesday, my friends.

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