Wednesday:) What Makes You Smile?

21 Nov

“Use your smile to change the world; don’t let the world change your smile.”

~ Chinese Proverb


What makes you smile? There are so many things that make me smile, and it’s usually the little things. I was thinking about that today. I find myself smiling all the time, and the best part is, a smile is contagious. Hey, instead of sharing a cold or the flu, how about sharing your smile.

What makes me smile….

The faces of my family, and those little grandchildren, friends and hugs, laughter and music, dancing and singing, and how the sky glows with brilliant color, and when I create a piece of art with my God given talent.

And here is our friend Bob singing an impromptu song to his adorable wife Joni at Karaoke.

Are you smiling?

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