Friday:) From Jitter to Glitter

23 Nov

“Life is short, sprinkle it with glitter and shine.”

~ Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


My Friday started out kind of cold and gloomy. My friend Sue was coming over at 10 am to pick up a couple of special order ornaments for her grandchildren. Christmas time is my creative busy time.

I walked the dog a few minutes, and she didn’t want to be out there either. Thank goodness for my Zumba class. A lot of Latin music, salsa moves, and invigorating dancing got my mojo moving and grooving. (That’s the jitter part) I even stopped to ride the bike a few miles just for good measure. I got a text from my friend Linda Grossman, World’s Greatest Realtor, asking if I’d like to meet for lunch. Sure! Already a great day.

This evening, I decided that I needed to do a little more painting. November starts the Christmas rush. My upstairs “crap room” (craft room) is always a crazy mess, but I love it. I’m usually covered in glitter most of November and all of December. I like to think of it more like, “I have a special glow about me.”

So, I went from JITTER in the morning to GLITTER in the evening. Now, time for a break. I’ll put my feet up and enjoy the rest of my night with my special Black Russian Friday.

Cheers, my friends. Happy Friday.

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