Sunday Sermon and Other Stuff

25 Nov

“Nothing erases the past. There is repentance, there is atonement, and there is forgiveness. That is all, but that is enough.”

― Ted Chiang


A beautiful Sunday morning. Always the highlight of my week. It was a little chilly, but not cold enough to wear my sock monkey hat. Darn! A lot of hugs and handshakes greeting before 9 o’clock Mass.

One of my little friends sporting his new haircut, and thanking me for his Matchbox car.

Then, a big surprise hug from my friend Gil, who I haven’t seen in months. It was especially great to congratulate him on his upcoming wedding next month. Congratulations Gil!

Today’s Gospel was the story of Jesus hanging on the cross, along with horrible criminals. He was mocked and jeered at, and people telling Him to save himself if he really was Christ. One criminal hanging next to Him said Jesus should save Himself and the others in a mocking way. Only one criminal defended Jesus saying that he and the others were justly punished, but Jesus did nothing wrong.

And indeed, we have been condemned justly,

for the sentence we received corresponds to our crimes,

but this man has done nothing criminal.”

Then he said,

“Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.”

He replied to him,

“Amen, I say to you,

today you will be with me in Paradise.”

My take on it… it’s never too late to repent and see the errors of your ways, but you truly must make atonement and change those evil ways. I’ve had this discussion with others who have said God forgives everyone, so we must forgive everyone. I truly believe that even God will not forgive certain people. Like the quote states, “There is repentance, there is atonement, and there is forgiveness.” The key words are repentance and atonement. Without those, forgiveness should not be expected, even from God.


After Mass, Helene and I stopped for coffee at McDonald’s, and I stopped at the grocery store afterwards. I had to laugh. I was over in the dairy aisle picking up eggs when a stranger came up to me and asked, “Do you have any idea where the Cool Whip is?” I told her that I was pretty sure it was right down this aisle with the frozen pies and stuff. She turned around, and there it was. She laughed and said, “My goodness. It’s right behind me.”

Of course, I had to tell her about my no bake Snicker peanut butter pie that I made yesterday and proceeded to tell her the quick recipe and ingredients. Another lady standing right there said, “Wow! That sounds really good and easy to make.” I showed them a picture of the pies on my phone. I think I made a couple of pie converts.

When I was checking out, I was telling the young cashier my pie story, and he said that it sounded cool. I showed him the picture, too. He stopped what he was doing and grabbed a scrap of paper and started writing down, 1 Cool whip, 1 cream cheese, 1 cup powdered sugar, etc. I had to laugh. He said he was going to ask his mom to make one for Thanksgiving.

It’s the little things in life that are special to me. If I can brighten someone’s day or give them a new idea or a new recipe, that makes me smile.

When I got home, I changed and went for a nice long walk. Then, I hopped in my car so I could take my Snicker pie over to my friends at Fire Station 9 so they could have it for dessert after dinner.

Later, my absolute favorite part of my Sunday. I get to FaceTime with my little granddaughters. I am so blessed. I hope your Sunday was just as wonderful.

Happy Sunday, my friends.

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