Wednesday:) What A Weird and Wacky Fun Day!

28 Nov

“Never underestimate the importance of having fun.”

~ Randy Pausch


A cool morning, a nice walk, and some errands to run. I hadn’t been to Hobby Lobby in a long time. For an artist/crafter, that’s literally unheard of. But, I keep telling myself that my ” crap room” upstairs is probably stocked better that any craft store warehouse. But, I needed just a couple of things. I was SO proud of myself that I left the store spending less than $20. It was a Christmas miracle. But, I did have to take a selfie with an old friend. (No, I didn’t invite him home.)

The grocery store was my next stop. I needed more Cool Whip to make a couple more Snickers peanut butter pies. I had to stock up in case of an emergency call for pie.

Well, I was at it again. Last week was the first time I made this pie, now I’m hooked, addicted. I wonder if they have a support group…PBPA…Peanut Butter Pie Anonymous?

I don’t always lick the beaters when I’m baking, but when I do, you know I’m making peanut butter pie.

I no sooner had the yummy no-bake pies in the fridge, when it was time to leave to meet some friends at ZinZen Bistro. We were meeting our friend Gil from church, to celebrate and congratulate him on his upcoming wedding. He met a lovely lady and they are getting married next week. Unfortunately for us, they are going to live in New York. So, we are going miss our very fine and funny friend. (She’s not in the group photo. She’s in New York) We did get to FaceTime with her.

Wow! What a day! It’s almost 11pm and I haven’t eaten all day. I did lick the beaters, does that count?

Hey, you all (Y’ALL, as we say in the South) have a great Thanksgiving tomorrow. And remember, life is short. Eat the turkey and gravy and have a slice of pie.

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