Some Saturday Highlights and Adventures

1 Dec

“Some adventures require nothing more than a willing heart and the ability to trip over the cracks in the world.”

― Seanan McGuire


Well, I didn’t do any Black Friday shopping yesterday, but I ventured out today. Big mistake! My first stop was Michael’s Craft Store, where I bought way too many things just because they were on sale. Plus, there was an additional 25% off. That’s just too tempting. Crafters have no will power. I wasn’t the only powerless person. The line to check out was a mile long.

My next stop was Joanne Fabrics, again with the sale and coupons. I was stronger this time and only bought a twin pack of white paint pens. I got out of there under $5. A Christmas miracle.

Harbor Freight was right around the corner and on my way to Olive Garden, where I was meeting Zelda for lunch at 12:30. I love Harbor Freight. They have the coolest tools and stuff that I have no idea what it’s for. PLUS! Of course, they had a sale and coupons.

I bought an engraving pen, a cool LED cordless light switch, a couple of headlamps, and 2 awesome emergency lights. (I had a coupon and the lights were free.)

I met Zelda for lunch and I told her about my bargains at Harbor Freight. She said she’d never been to one, so off we went after lunch. She found several things that she couldn’t live without either. She also got a free light.

It turned out to be a beautiful sunny afternoon after a real yucky drizzly morning. My friend Pat texted a bunch of friends and planned an impromptu dinner or ice cream gathering at Braum’s at 5:30. I had enough time to walk the dog and run back out be meet the gals. I had a large yogurt twist cone. Yum!

I have the bestest friends. I know that’s not grammatically correct, but it is the superlative of best, and they are the bestest.

Then, to make a good day even better, it looks like Notre Dame had a great game today. How can they lose? They have the cutest cheerleaders.

Happy Saturday, my friends.

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