Sunday Sermon and Elvis Still on the Shelvis

16 Dec

“The familiar rituals of faith are what calms the soul.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


The alarm didn’t sound. I woke up before 7am to get ready for 8 o’clock Mass at St. Thomas More. It was a little bitter-sweet. This was Mom’s old parish in Elgin. It made me feel a little closer to her, somehow. It’s been almost two years since she went to heaven. A few tears slipped down my face. But, it was good.

Father was funny this morning. When he went up to the pulpit to begin Mass, he said solemnly addressing the congregation. ” I have to notify you all of a very serious situation that you may not be aware of.” Everyone was silent as he paused for a goodly length of time. Then he said, “You may not be aware… but… I am a die-hard Packer fan.” Everyone laughed, then started to “boo” the smiling priest. This is Bear country and the Packers we’re playing the Bears today, always a huge rivalry. (PS. The Packers did win later, 21-13. I guess Father had some insider info from upstairs.)

Today’s sermon was the story of John the Baptist in prison, asking his disciples to ask Jesus if he was “the one to come.” Jesus confirmed this and proclaimed John the greatest man that came before him.

Behold, I am sending my messenger ahead of you;

he will prepare your way before you.

My take on it… well, I’m not sure. Maybe that John the Baptist prepared the way and prepared the people for Jesus. He wasn’t sure, but he had faith and believed the Lord was coming. I guess we have to have blind faith sometimes too.

Also, it was a good Mass, with all the familiar songs and prayers. And, father was pretty funny. At the end of the service, when all were blessed and getting ready to leave, the Deacon said, “Go Bears!” Father said with a grin, “You know we have other Deacons that can take your place,”

I took a selfie with Father after Mass. I also stayed afterwards to take a few photos of the lovely church, and talk to a couple of Mom’s old friends. It was nice.

After church, I drove back to my sister’s and got packed up for my return visit with the grandchildren. She drove me Northbrook and we visited a while. I’ll be here till after Christmas. Thanks Jo.

Now, for ….

Day 6 of Elvis on the Shelvis.

Happy Sunday, my friends.

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