Tuesday:) Toni’s On Gamma Duty and More Elvis on the Shelvis

18 Dec

“You do not really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother.”

~Albert Einstein


My little one year old granddaughter had a tough night and woke up with a fever this morning. I offered to stay home with the baby so mommy didn’t have to take a day off of work. Grandmas are almost as good as mommies. It’s just a little tougher with babies. They want their mommy when they are sick.

Her poor little face was so sad this morning and there was some fussing and crying for a while, but I found singing to her stopped her crying. Funny! I normally get the opposite reaction when I sing…people usually start crying.

We played and sang and ate some breakfast. She took her first nap around 9 am, (she was crying most the night and up around 6 am, so she was tired.) The second nap was around 2. By afternoon, she was feeling much better.

Grandmas have the best jobs.

Now, for Elvis on the Shelvis. Day 8 Tuesday on the toaster. “I’m in trouble if anyone turns this thing on. Toasty tushie time.”

Happy Tuesday, my friends.

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