Friday Frenzy, Prayers and Procrastination

4 Jan

“You know you are getting old when it takes too much effort to procrastinate.”

Source unknown


I have found that I am basically a very productive and busy person, but only at doing things I enjoy doing. The not so fun things fall under the category of procrastination. I’m an expert at procrastination. Actually, I majored in it in college.

I got home yesterday afternoon after being in Chicago for a month. After a long long lunch with friends, I got home and poured the zillion pieces of mail, bills, newspapers and packages on the kitchen counter. I kinda looked through the important over due bills, and made a few piles of important mail, Christmas cards, recycle stupid stuff, and not sure what to do with mail. Instead, I went to karaoke last night and enjoyed singing, dancing, and laughing. No time for mail. It’s still sitting there,

Instead of working on the piles of bills and stuff this morning, I went to Zumba and rode the exercise bike. I missed my Zumba and exercise. I needed that more than organization.

I also needed some spiritual catching up, so I stopped at church to light a candle, say some prayers, and go to Adoration.

My refrigerator was practically empty, so I stopped at a couple of grocery stores. Why two stores? Different sales.

That’s the emptiest this fridge has been in ages. Hmm? That Bailey’s been in there for years. I wonder if it’s still good? After putting away the groceries, did I work on the bills and mail? Nope! I stopped over at Mr. Mike’s to take Bella for a walk and catch up on neighborhood gossip. Then, I came home and made some dinner. Wow! I hadn’t eaten in about 28 hours. Talk about procrastination! Then, a quick shower and get ready to go to the country dance over at the senior center at 7.

That was so fun. I had a great time and danced almost every song, and the band City Lights was awesome. I didn’t get home till 10 pm. The counter is still a mess, my suit case contents is still strewn at the foot of the bed, and I have no plans of straightening things up tonight. I’m too tired from all the dancing and running around.

Maybe I’ll clean up tomorrow. Maybe not. No time tonight. After all, its Black Russian Friday. Some things are more important.

Happy Friday, my friends.

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