Saturday:) So Many Blessings, and Friends, and Celebrations

12 Jan

“Count your age by friends, not years, your life by smiles, not tears.”

~John Lennon


Another special day of birthday celebrations. The most amazing part of having so many great friends is that there are endless dinners, lunches and birthday get togethers. I invited a few friends over this evening and we had a wonderful time. Because I was safe at home, I was able to have a few glasses of wine. When I go out to meet friends, I don’t drink and drive so this was a very special occasion. I was home.

I got up early and baked and prepared food, but everyone brought all kinds of food and wine to share, so we had enough for an army, and a very big army, at that.

I received so many cool gifts. My friends really know me. Jerry got me a cool karaoke microphone with built in bling and sparkle…rather like myself. I proceeded to serenade everyone. Then, they all serenaded me with a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday.

I am so blessed with the greatest friends in The whole wide world.

The birthday celebrations continue.

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