Theme Song Thursday:) Steamroller Blues

7 Feb

“When good friends get together, it’s like a steamroller, baby.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


Today just rolled by like a steamroller. From first thing in the morning, till well into the night, a hot blast of fun on a cold wintry day, I started out with a bunch of errands, some for Mr. Mike, walking the dog a couple of times, post office, office, pharmacy, getting some carry out. Then, I had some things to return at Walmart, but I bought more supplies for my Valentine’s Day project.

A group of us buddies were meeting Helene and family at Uncorked for a late lunch. She was picking up her sister and nieces from the airport and we all wanted to meet her family from Maine, they are only in for a few days. We had a nice visit and some great food. We have such fun. A lot of laughing and story telling.

When I got home, I dropped off Mr. Mike’s Whataburger dinner, walked the dog a little, then came home to gather up some containers of chicken soup that I had made for Mr. Danny’s neighbor. Danny lives a few blocks away, and his next door neighbor has been ill. After I walked over and dropped off the soup, I decided to do a little more walking. It was only in the mid 30’s out but the sun was still out and it was almost sunset. I love catching the sunset.

I love it when the moon is high in the sky in the east and the sun starts to,set in the west. A contrast of colors and mood.

By the time I got home from my walk, it was time to run over to meet the gang at Delaney’s Irish Pub for karaoke. Most of the same group from lunch was there and a bunch more. We have such a blast. Helene brought her family so they could see how much fun we have every Thursday. The nieces took a lot of pictures and videos of their mom and Aunt Helene being wild and crazy.

There was an Elvis impersonator who sang and danced with Miss Pat. Pat is the biggest Elvis fan you’d ever want to meet. She loved it.

Later, Elvis sang to Miss Loretta and did a little lap dance. I think a few dollar bills were provided. All in good fun, just a bunch of silly seniors, laughing and having fun.

A fun evening was had by all.

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