Wednesday:) Wild and Wacky Friends

20 Feb

“Don’t refuse to go on an occasional wild goose chase – that’s what wild geese are for.”


I have the greatest group of friends, and they are scattered all over the country, I’m not sure how they got scattered, but that’s a different subject.

Last Friday was Valentine’s Day, and Helene I volunteered over at Towne Creek Senior Apartments from about 2-6:30pm. We were invited to Joni and Bob’s big V-Day party that started at 5:30, so we were pretty late. They started without us. The nerve!

When we arrived, they were playing some games, and sharing anonymous, possibly risqué Valentine’s Day cards. As each card was read aloud, the reader had to guess who brought the card. It was fun, and a little blushing and shushing ensued. Then, Joni had these cute photo op set ups where we became a Valentine card, and she asked me to take the pictures. That was fun, and they turned out so cute,

Just a few of my wild and wacky friends.

Today, I made some new wacky and creative friends over at St. Gabriel’s Crafting Ministry. Last week, at the 60+ group potluck dinner, Martha asked me to join the crafting group that meets every Wednesday. Yikes! Another group, another commitment on my already super busy calendar. But, I thought I’d check it out today. I met some very nice ladies, and my dear friend from Art Club, Bonita, has been a long time member. I call her my twin sister because we have the same birthday.

The ladies work all year long on making beautiful crafts for the annual holiday craft bizarre in November and other sales that benefit St. Gabriel.

I was inspired by our rock painting craft at Lynne’s house before Valentine’s Day, and I had seen something somewhere that said “Jesus Rocks,” so I thought that would be a cool project for today.

The other ladies were all busy with wreaths, and nativity scenes, and holiday decorations.

So, just another wild and wacky Wednesday with Toni.

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