Friday:) A Busy Better Late Than Never Awesome Day and My Firemen

29 Feb

“Sometimes I wish there were hours in the day so I could have even more fun.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


Wow! Such a fun busy day, and too much to fit into one post, so I’ll save some for later. My day had absolutely no plans on my calendar. I totally forgot that my phone was on silent after I went to Adoration Thursday, so I hadn’t seen the text from Sherri asking if I wanted to go to lunch on Friday. When I saw the text in the morning, I called her and we made our plans. She picked me up at 11:30 and I hit the ground running from 11:30 am and finally landed back home after midnight. I sure can jam pack a lot of fun into one day.

Sherri picked me up at 11:30 and our first stop was to Miss Bernadine’s house down the street. Miss B had picked up 5 more packs of baby wipes to add to my bags of donations to take over to Holy Family School.

My very good friends, Joni and Bob Goen, gave me a VERY generous donation of cash to take over to Miss Sondra at Holy Family School. The very much appreciated donation will be used to purchase supplies for the children. I have the greatest generous friends.

After Sherri and I left the school, we stopped at The McKinney Art Studio to drop off my donations for Empty Bowls. Lisa and Carol were working on some pottery and it was fun to see what they were working on. Jason was camera shy, so he declined a photo op. Here are my two bowls for the upcoming charity event. I think they turned out great.

After our visit at the pottery studio, we enjoyed a two hour lunch at El Pollo Elegre on the east side. Very good food. Being Lent and being Friday, I asked for a vegetarian version of their taco platter. Yum! After lunch we went over to Plaza Thrift Store. They were having a half off sale. (Be still my heart.) I think we spent almost two hours and a goodly amount of money there, finding all kinds of bargains. We each had a cart load. I had to smile, I found a lucky penny on our way back to the car. All that shopping gave us a hankering for ice cream on the way home.

While we were shopping, I received a text from Linda Grossman, World’s Greatest Realtor, asking if I wanted to meet for dinner. Well, why not? A good chance to catch up with a good friend. By the time I got home, it was 5:30, and we planned to meet around 6. In the meantime, I got a text from Mr. Mike asking if I could run over to feed Bella and take her for a walk, as he was stuck at a doctor’s appointment and was running late. So, I scooted over there, fed the dog and took her for a walk. The sun was setting and an amazing sunset was captured.

I got home in time to hop in the car and go to meet Linda over at Anamias just a mile away from my house. There was no place to park and such a long wait for a table that we decided to chuck that plan and go over to the Square. Linda followed me home, and we went to the square in her car. This way I could have a drink. I don’t drink and drive…never. Yay!

We went over to Rick’s Chophouse. They had a great band playing, Missing 3, so we had drinks and danced and ran into friends and made a few new friends. It was a blast, but we didn’t leave till 11:30 pm. Where did the day go? Our sweet friend, Jeremiah, was such a gentleman and walked us back to our car.

I got home after midnight, so my Black Russian Friday was a little late, it as I said, “Better late than never.” Basically, I was out running around and having fun for over twelve hours. I need more hours in my day.

Well, it’s after 2 am. I’ll finish my favorite Friday drink, finish this post, and watch a little tv and relax. What a great day! So many good friends, good times and good memories made.

Oops! My firemen. I almost forgot. I took some cupcakes over to my firemen friends at Station 9 yesterday.

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