Friday:) Friends, Food, and Of Course, My Fire Fighters

7 Mar

“Be happy, be fun, let your hair down and be AGELESS!”

― Margo Vader


Every day seems to be busy with more plans than time. So, I squeeze in what I can. Yesterday, I had lunch with my friend Allison up at the Bluebird Cottage & Cafe. She had passed it by a few times, but never stopped in. I’ve been there quite a few times, but it’s been a while. So, off we went, Check them out on Facebook,

Sabrina Parker is such a sweet lady, and has brought a quaint and cozy breath of fresh air restaurant to McKinney. I had the quinoa salad. My favorite.

After lunch, we drove around the rural back roads past Myers Park, the tree farms, and multi million dollar mansions scattered along the way. It was a beautiful day.

After I got home, I ran a few errands before scooting over to Delaney’s for karaoke. We had a big group, and the place was packed with new faces, a big group of golfing buddies, and young people playing pool. Standing room only.

Yep, a lot of food, friends, and now for my firemen. Miss Pat always brings dozens and dozens of cookies to share at karaoke, and she always brings extra for me to take to our local fire stations.

Station 5.

My friends at Station 9.

That was yesterday, and today was even busier. I’ll keep that for tomorrow. I ran out of room and time. Plus, I’m tired and it’s just about Black Russian time. Cheers!!!

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