Friday Friends, The Art Club of McKinney and Frightening Forecast on Life

14 Mar

” I never really felt afraid or overly concerned about the Corona Virus threat until the notification from my church that all Masses were cancelled until further notice. When the Catholic Church shuts down, time to be afraid.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


I’ve been trying to go about my business without panicking or hoarding like many folks around me. But, just a few minutes ago, I saw an email from my pastor saying all Masses and gatherings and ministries at St. Gabriel’s were cancelled until further notice. Now, that scares me!

Yesterday, The Art Club of McKinney had its usual monthly meeting, and attendance was down a little, but not much. We are mostly older retired type folks, so we just plug along. We have so many talented artists in the club, and our guest speakers are always fascinating, and the hostesses provide a fancy spread of delicious food.

We had new officers nominations.

And, I was very excited that I won second place for artist of the month. Members are encouraged to bring a painting to share, and everyone votes on artist of the month, and I always forget. I had to laugh because I literally grabbed a painting off the wall next to the garage on my way out the door.

Diane Boudreaux’s “Kissing Sunflowers” was awesome. My snowy trees had fine prisma glitter. Who doesn’t love glitter.

Our guest speaker was the fabulous Pete Quaid. Oh my goodness. His paintings are magnificent, and his presentation was so informative. A lot of the concepts of setting, triangulation, contrast, hues, etc., I’ll have to admit, I had no idea what he was talking about. I paint cute snowy trees with glitter, and yellow roses on wine glasses.

Look at these…

We have the most talented artists right here in McKinney. Check out his website.

Speaking of artists, today Helene and I went to Towne Creek Apartments to work on some bowls for our donations to the Empty Bowls Charity Event. We had a few new faves joining us today. It was a lot of fun painting, drawing, and sharing a nice meal afterwards.

Even though the forecast may be frightening, I certainly don’t plan on being afraid of living. There’s too much to do and see and share in this big ol’ beautiful world.

Oh yes, and don’t forget Black Russian Friday. It’s almost midnight. Yikes! I better hurry up.

2 Responses to “Friday Friends, The Art Club of McKinney and Frightening Forecast on Life”

  1. sharri mcintosh March 14, 2020 at 10:51 am #

    I think you are the angel of happiness and I love and need angels!

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