Toni’s Extrovert Diaries~T.E.D. Talk Day 2

26 Mar

“There’s nothing more disconcerting than an extrovert having to stay home and clean. You actually sit around the house and notice dirt and mess.”

~ Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


Well, today is Day 2 of SHELTERING IN PLACE. The sad part is, this place is a mess. I wish I’d been confined in a cleaner house because I never really noticed how messy mine was. I was never home to notice. I actually discovered an extra bedroom upstairs that I completely forgot about. You laugh, but it’s true.

So, yesterday when I was busy counting how many sheets of toilet paper was actually on the Angel Soft double roll, I had many comments and questions asking how many sheets I counted.

I’m VERY pleased to inform you that the first roll I counted actually had 264 sheets. FOUR extra bonus sheets. I think I’m going to write to Georgia-Pacific Consumer Products to thank them for their extreme generosity.

For today’s excitement, I visited with

my old friend Henrietta Hoover. I didn’t have to travel very far because she lives in my closet. (Remember-stay home, stay safe.) You can watch me taking Henrietta back home after a long day.

It’s not easy being a “Stay at Home Extrovert.”

Stay safe, go vacuum, count your toilet paper sheets, and have a great day… but wash your hands first.

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