Toni’s Extrovert Diaries~ T.E.D. Talk Day 5

29 Mar

“Sheltering in place isn’t all that bad if you have a nice safe place to shelter in.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


When I mention a nice safe place to shelter in, I’m not talking about a house or apartment or luxury resort. The best place to shelter in is in your head. Too many people are watching the news 24/7, and quoting death statistics, and basically have turned their heads into a non-stop Armageddon Doomsday Dramedy. That’s no way to live. The stress alone will kill you quicker than any virus. Stay home! Stay safe! Turn of the damn news! Watch Hallmark movies!

This weekend, this introvert had trouble sitting still. I went for a lot of walks. Yesterday, I watched a live streaming of Pope Francis delivering a special Urbi et Orbi Blessing and plenary indulgence for the world. The normally teeming Plaza was totally empty, which made the solemnity even more moving. (We need all the help we can get.)

While I’m out walking, I see quite a few people outside with their kids and pets. I stay a safe distance on my walks, but I noticed that some folks will cross the street if someone is on the same sidewalk. That’s tough. I usually like to stop and talk to people on my journeys.

I did have a nice conversation with Miss Kathy’s cats. They were happy to see me and purred and chatted and let me pet them through the fence.

The YMCA is closed, but Maria does some live streaming videos on Zoom in her backyard. I logged into the Zumba class, and it wasn’t even the easy Zumba Gold class. It was the advanced version. Pretty strenuous. Yikes! It’s been a while, and I was pretty worn out after watching for 55 minutes. It probably would have been even harder if I got off the couch and followed along. Just kidding. I followed along and was pretty sweaty by the time I was done. Gracias Maria.

I like to follow my own advice, so I watched a lot of Hallmark movies today. For some reason most of them were Christmas movies, but that’s ok. Each one is such a surprise thriller. Boy meets girl, they fall in love and live happily ever after. Talk about escaping reality. Ain’t nothing real about those movies. But, it beats the news.

After a long hard day of Hallmark movies, talking to cute cats, checking emails and Facebook a hundred times, it was nice to take a late evening walk. The crescent moon sparkled with the planet Venus twinkling just beneath the glow. It was calm and peaceful. Now, for a glass of wine and more mindless TV. (No news is good news.)

Happy Saturday, my friends.

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