Saturday:) Shelf-Quarantined Continuing Saga…

10 May

“Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”

~Albert Einstein


Well, Einstein… I haven’t found any simplicity or harmony. And, I’m in he throes of difficulty because I’m still working on my shelves, organizing my “crap room,” and working on some sort of library room, all at the same time.

I did get the wooden shelves moved, all by myself, I might add. No easy task.

Out of the crap room, into the new office/library.

Now granted, this has been going on for weeks. I dragged up and put together the heavy plastic shelves, yet another difficult task, with video to demonstrate my frustration and creativity.

Everything off the old shelves, scattered ALL OVER, then slowly replacing on the new shelves.

My “crap room” shelf-quarantine” continuing saga is the perfect metaphor for my life. I AM A WORK IN PROGRESS. I’m coming along, but I don’t think I’ll ever be finished. Perhaps that’s a good thing.

Perhaps from clutter, I will find simplicity… or maybe I’ll just find that wood burning tool I bought six years ago and misplaced? There is still so much to do. It’s a big room! I call it ORGANIZED HOARDING. My art friends totally get it.

Miles to go before I rest. I’ll keep you posted.

But, I did have a lovely break this morning when my dear friends Sherri and Michael Murphy texted and said they were in the neighborhood and asked if they could stop by to say hi from a distance. I said that would be wonderful, but give me a minute to get out of my pajamas. It wasn’t even noon after all. Who gets dressed before noon?

This is what life is all about. Great friends that make you smile and make your day worthwhile. Hey, that even rhymes. Love you guys!❤️❤️

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