Friday:) Fast and Fun Watercolor Notecards

16 May

“It is a mistake to think that moving fast is the same as actually going somewhere.”

― Steve Goodier


Last night, well actually early his morning around 1am, I decided to paint a couple of notecards. I was feeling motivated to paint, inspired by my friend Sherri, who is painting note cards to be used for messages of encouragement to some folks at local nursing homes who are alone and quarantined. How sweet. I didn’t want to just paint, but I wanted to make a quick time lapse video of the project to show Sherri, and because…. no one likes to watch paint dry, so I did the time lapse.

Using a thin black permanent marker, I outlined a few simple flowers and leaves, and used an inexpensive Crayola brand watercolor set, (usually 99 cents on sale.) You have to use permanent marker or a Micron pen or the watercolor will make the black bleed. You can use water based markers, but that will bleed all over, and that’s another kind of project.

So, here’s the funny part… at 1 in the morning, I’m trying to devise some kind of tripod type clamp holder that would hold my phone so I could record the video hands free. I looked all around, and came up with a couple of stacked up paint totes, a clipboard, and lots of maneuvering. Well, it worked. My best inventions are created after midnight.

So, that was just a test run. I want to make a few more painting videos to share with the world. The time lapsed are fine, but I need to do a few regular timed videos to do some “splainin'” Lucy.

Well, happy Black Russian Friday, my friends. Cheers!

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