Tuesday:) Time To Get Off the Sofa And Plant

27 May

What we plant in the soil of contemplation, we shall reap in the harvest of action.

Meister Eckhart


I’ve gotten pretty comfortable sitting around in my pajamas all day every day. Yesterday, I got up early and watched a Zoom Zumba class. My daughter-in-law has a friend teaching a free class, so I logged in and had a blast dancing along. Exercise is a good way to energize your day.

After the class, a shower, and run some errands, I stopped into Lowe’s to check out the plants and get a new vacuum cleaner belt. There’s nothing like looking at plants and flowers in the pouring rain. The plants like it, me… not so much.

So today, my goal was to avoid another couch potato day. I ventured out again after a morning walk, and ran over to Sprouts for some long needed fruits and vegetables. When I got home, the cloudy skies faded away to a nice sunny evening. Yeah! Now I could plant my azaleas.

I get easily distracted. The front yard grass was looking shabby because too many fallen leaves had smothered the grass, leaving bare spots under the trees, so I needed to rake. Oh no, some of these branches need trimming. I really should spray the trees with insect spray. I think some bug has invaded the trees, that’s why the leaves look bad. Easily distracted.

Oh, okay, time to take the six azalea plants from the garage out back to the two barren flower beds. I planted something last fall but… I killed it all. Did I mention that I can’t grow ANYTHING? Everything dies. Well, gonna give it another try. Wish me luck.

I have two identical empty beds in the back, so I wanted to have them look the same, three in each. The soil was so yucky with clay, so I added a lot of potting soil. Seeing as I’m an old lady, it took me a long time to dig the six hole, take the yucky clay from the holes and transport it to some open spots along the fence line where the bunnies come in. It was a big job, and I almost quit after one bed. No! I can do it. No quitting until they’re both done. Tada! Just one photo. They’re both the same.

I sat down for a couple of minutes and noticed the sun was starting to go down and the orange glow was calling me. Off for a walk…

Now, I’m pretty darn tired. But, it feels pretty darn good.

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