Tuesday:) Toni’s Time-Lapse Painting Tips

1 Jul

“If you could say it in words, there would be no reason to paint.”

― Edward Hopper


I enjoy painting and making special gifts for friends. Homemade and handmade are always the best and appreciated the most. I also enjoy sharing my painting techniques, tips, and tricks with everyone out there, and I’ve found that people enjoy my time-lapse videos because they are really fast and make me look really talented.

My good friend Jerry had a birthday a few weeks back, and his house is decorated with beautiful African art, carvings, masks and motifs. I’ve painted a few little gifts for him for birthdays before, but I also like to give hand-painted cards. I really like the bright colors of this style, so I decided to share my how-to video.


The background was painted with a makeup sponge held with a clothes pin, starting at the bottom with red, work up to orange and then yellow, not cleaning the sponge. The colors blend well, and the abstract look is fun. I just used a permanent black marker for the designs. It’s fast and easy. Give it a try. You can use any combination of three colors for a cool background, and even use stamps or stencils if free hand drawing scares you a little.

One Response to “Tuesday:) Toni’s Time-Lapse Painting Tips”

  1. GP Cox July 1, 2020 at 11:23 am #

    Toni, I’m asking a favor. I only just heard about this story, this morning and being as 4th of July is this Saturday, there isn’t much time. Can you share this story….?

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