Friday:) Fences, Face Masks and My Favorite… Black Russians

4 Jul

“Build good fences, make good friends, and keep your laundry indoors.”

― A.J. Hackwith


Friday always rolls around so quickly, which is so surprising. I was so used to running around all week, so Friday night was my pause and take a break day. Now, all the days are pretty much all the same.

This week, my neighbor nextdoor was installing a new fence. We have joined fences in our neighborhood, so we are obliged to share expenses, but not all neighbors cooperate, and don’t chip in. Basically, they get a free fence on that side. I didn’t feel it necessary for me to get the other two sides replaced, so I just had the long adjoining right side and gate replaced. It looks really nice, but I’m glad I didn’t have to replace the rest, as it was pretty pricey, and I’d have to ask the other neighbors, and what if they said no?

It will look cool when it’s stained. What’s that saying about”Good fences make good neighbors?” 8 feet!

So, for my big excitement for today, I went to Kroger to do a little grocery shopping. Now that the mandatory face mask rule is in place, it was good to see everyone was complying. So exciting, I had a long cool stroll down the ice cream aisle.

Then, to end my day… it’s Friday… must mean… yes, Black Russian Friday. Before and after.

Happy Friday, my friends.

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