Wednesday:) What Wonders I See On My Walk

23 Jul

“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.”

― W.B. Yeats


Every day is filled with wonders. I like how Yeats said the world is full of magic things. It certainly is, and we need only open our eyes.

I generally walk the same well worn path pretty much every day, and have for nearly six years, and I never get tired of the sights and sounds. I don’t wear headphones or listen to music. I just appreciate the beauty of each new day, especially the sunsets.

Today, there were a LOT of bold bunnies hopping around in my front yard. They gave me one of those, “What are you looking at?” glances. Yes, very bold, and they didn’t mind posing for a photo op.

When I was over by the pond, there was a baby bird huddled by a curb. I leaned over to see if it was dead or alive or had a broken wing, as it didn’t move. I had a newspaper, so I tried to scoot the little thing onto the paper so I could place him in a safer location. He wriggled and hopped a little, so it was still alive. Good news. THEN, Mamma bird came swooping down at me out of nowhere, squawking and dive bombing me at a frantic pace. Basically, she said, “Get away from Junior or I’ll peck your eyes out, lady!”

I took the hint and backed away, while she flew over to watch me from a nearby mailbox. Junior hopped and fluttered across the street, then back and forth. Obviously, he couldn’t fly yet, but was out for an adventure, so Mamma was on high alert.

There are always great skies and sunsets and birds chirping and kids laughing. I appreciate the sights and sounds of my wondrous walks.

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