Saturday Just Sittin’ Around

2 Aug

“You are sitting! Want to be there? You can’t reach there by not going there! Sitting is the enemy of your dreams!”

― Mehmet Murat ildan


Well, I was thinking that all I did was sit around most of the day, but not really all day. I did go out this morning and pull some weeds and pull out a LOT of lovely tall green grass that had taken over my flower beds. I wish my grass would grow that thick and lush where it’s supposed to grow, and not inside the flower beds. I thought it was cool enough to work outside, but after about an hour, my sun glasses were fogged up and blurry from the dripping sweat, I figured it was time to come in and cool off.

After a little rest and several glasses of cool water, I visited with my old friend Henrietta Hoover, who I hadn’t seen in such a long time. I took Henrietta for a spin around the house.

I could tell it had been a while since last we visited because her empty canister filled up pretty fast. I think she missed me.

When I finally sat down to rest from my exhausting endeavors, I grabbed my iPad to check my emails and Facebook, only to be appalled by its sad worn torn ugly pink cover. I had a brand new cover sitting in the closet for a long time, why didn’t I use it?

I slid my iPad out of the mangey old pink cover and slipped it into the newly discovered black one, and it fit perfectly. Cool! I checked my emails and Facebook, then decided to take a picture of the old cover. Guess what? There was no hole for the camera on the back, so it couldn’t take a picture with the new cover on. Oh no! Now what?

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. I needed to come up with a plan, so I decided to poke a hole through the cover with a sharp knife. Not as easy as it sounds. After poking and slicing and snipping with knife and scissors, it still wasn’t looking right. I had an idea. I’ll heat up the handle of a fork and use it to sear or cauterize the opening for a cleaner hole, going round and round and melting the pretend artificial genuine simulated leather. Ah, worked like a charm. That is because “I Am … Amazing!”

Well, now it’s late and I’m exhausted from all my trials and tribulations and imaginations. Perhaps a glass of wine and a little TV. I can’t stay up too late, I have to get up by 10:55 am so I can watch 11 o’clock Mass in my pajamas tomorrow. “Night John Boy.”

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