Wednesday:) What Wondrous Sights I Saw Today

13 Aug

“A success and happiness principle that all animals except humans know – you can achieve wonders by loving what you do”

― Dr Prem Jagyasi


Wow! It’s been very hot here in North Texas, so I’ve been trying to get out for my walks before 9am. That sounds easy for most, but I don’t get to bed before 1 or 2 am. Too hot for evening sunset walks.

I found a lucky feather on my walk. It was standing straight up in the grass, so I had to take a picture.

There were some busy bees buzzing around, popping into flowers. They were too busy to pay attention to me… thank goodness.

A cute squirrel was keeping an eye on me from up in a tree. I stopped and chatted with him. I did. I said, “Hello Mr. Squirrel. Can I take your picture?” No… he didn’t respond, but his posing was response enough for me.

And as always, I enjoy my daily walks and always follow my heart. Signs, signs, everywhere signs.

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