Friday:) From Here to There and Two Pennies

22 Aug

“Every day is your lucky day. It’s all in your perception.”

~ Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


A nice morning walk with a few fun encounters. I decided to extend my walk by going down some streets that I normally don’t venture down. I crossed in the middle of the street to avoid some sprinklers and found a lucky penny. Cool!

Because it’s Friday, I wasn’t sure if I was going to feel like an evening walk, so I decided to just push myself and extend my morning routine. Playing that little mind game, I said, ” Let me see if I can do 3 or 4 miles today. I don’t think I’ll take my usual sunset stroll.” When I finally gave up and arrived home, I had gone over 5 miles. I am AMAZING! (But, you already knew that.)

It was starting to get warm, but I trudged on, crossing streets occasionally to get on the shady side. Another mid-block crossing offered yet another penny. Two lucky pennies in one day.

Later in the day, I got a text from my neighbor, Allison, saying that she had a brand new outdoor rug that she couldn’t use, and would I like it? Why yes! So, she threw it in her truck and dropped it off on her way to the store.

I took this opportunity to sweep up the back patio, hose down the cement, hose down all the really dirty furniture, and water all the plants, before putting down the new rug. Butterflies and dragonflies were fluttering around me as I worked, as if to say, “Nice job. Keep up the good work.”



It was a good day, a lucky day, a gifted day, and…. of course, a Black Russian Friday. Cheers, my friends.

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