Saturday:) Seven Sunset Surprise

23 Aug

“Blessed are they who expect nothing, for they will be pleasantly surprised.”

― Marty Rubin


Every time I get a chance to walk at sunset, I’m always pleasantly surprised at the brilliant glowing sun, the tangerine skies, the reflective water, and the miracle of the sky before the sultry orb slithers below the horizon.

I have such a collection of sunsets on my phone that I can’t bear to part with, so I’ll share seven of the most recent in my collection. I could share a dozen or a hundred, but then there wouldn’t be that alliteration with the word Sunday, would there?

I didn’t push my walking too much today. You’re supposed to rest on the Sabbath, right? I’m not Jewish, but I’ll take what ever excuse I can get. Just kidding. I walked a bit in the morning and a little in the evening and several short ones with the dog during the course of the day. I was pretty pleased by the end of the day.

Happy Saturday, my friends.

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