Friday:) Fun Fall Photos Past and Present

31 Oct

Stanley Horowitz

“Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all.”

~ Stanley Horowitz


The sun was vibrant and invigorating today, very little breeze and perfect temps in the mid 60’s. Ah, Autumn at its finest.

Today, I’d like to share some photos present and past. I don’t do much holiday decorating since the kids are grown and have left the nest. But, I do love to collect colorful Fall leaves on my walks, press them between pages of a heavy magazine, collect acorns, and use them for decoration in the kitchen. My knockout rose bush is still blooming plentifully.

Here’s my professional leaf and flower pressing procedure.

This big heavy duty RH Interiors catalog came a few years ago, (Have no idea what that is) but it’s perfect for pressing leaves and flowers now that we don’t get phone books anymore. I used to love phone books for pressing.

Some photos from the past…

Reading to my artist friends at Towne Creek Senior Apartments 10 years ago. I was wearing my new glasses, and I must have had a cold because my nose was all red.

Old Prince dressed up as a cowboy. I think he really wanted to be a fireman that year, but the hat just wouldn’t stay on.

Always a lot of baking to do.

My neighbor, Miss Donna gave me this humongous bag of chocolate chips because she knows I love to bake.

Last year, I got to visit with my dear besties back in Chicago.

Now, saving the best for last… IT’S BLACK Russian Friday! Cheers, my friends.

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