Saturday:) Singing Quarantined Karaoke in the Kitchen- “The Rainbow Connection”

29 Nov

“Shine your soul with the same

egoless humility as the rainbow

and no matter where you go

in this world or the next,

love will find you, attend you, and bless you.”

― Aberjhani


What an awesome quote. “Shine your soul…” how cool is that? I believe that works.

It’s been a kinda gloomy dreary drizzly Saturday. I worked a little on my Christmas decorating. (Very little.) That cheered me up a little. And, I went for an evening walk with this song in my head, and I was singing and walking and being silly. So, I decided that because I missed Karaoke Thursday, that I’d do some singin’ karaoke in the kitchen Saturday. Well, me and Kermit did some singin’.

Another highlight of my day was Face-timing with my family. My sister Jo, my son Matt in CA, and my son Joe, wife Lindsay and the two adorable granddaughters. It was nice to be all together, if only on the little iPhone screen.

“Love will find you, attend you, and bless you.”

A gloomy grey drizzly sky out there this evening. I’m glad I got my walk in before it started to pour.

Happy Saturday, my friends.

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