Friday:) Fixin’ This and That, and Mixin’ It Up With Elvis on the Shelvis

5 Dec

“ Elvis on the Shelvis is back for a repeat holiday performance this year. I’m all shook up.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


Friday already? I went for a flu shot this afternoon. I’ve only gotten one flu shot in my life about five or six years ago. I figured this year is not a good year to take my chances.

When I drove over to the Baylor pharmacy just a mile away, I noticed my low tire symbol on my car was still glowing red at me. It started the other day when it got cold. Silly me, I thought it would go away. No such luck.

So, I came home, got out the old handy Black and Decker air pump thingamajigy and the long extension cord. I even knew to check the inside of my car door for the recommended air pressure number. PSI in fancy dancy automotive lingo. I used the gauge to check the pressure. Man, each tire was pretty low, only in the 20’s. One tire didn’t even have the valve cap thingy. I remember buying some back ups a few years ago. I found it hidden at the bottom of the messy middle console storage. I had to take a bunch of stuff out to find it. Needless to say, I cleaned that up and organized it and threw out a lot of stuff. Why I have eight pairs of sunglasses, I don’t know. I did find a $20 bill. Woo hoo!

I plugged in the air pressure machine and proceeded to fill the tires. The old machine is pretty slow and makes a big racket. Then, my elderly neighbor Elke walked over and asked in her thick German accent, “You know how to do dat yourself?” She was impressed. I was detained by a long one sided neighborly conversation. About an hour to fill four tires. (Mostly distractions)

Later, I was looking for an electric power strip for my outdoor Christmas lights,p. When I looked in a mysterious buried bin, I found Joe’s old Elvis telephone. Last year I was in Chicago for Christmas and I used Joe’s holiday Elvis doll for the Shelvis at his house, but I didn’t think I had one here in Texas. It was Joe’s from a long time ago. I hope he doesn’t want it back. Yay! Now, I can keep up the tradition of Elvis on the Shelvis here at my house.

Since it’s Friday, Elvis is on the bar Shelvis .

Happy Black Russian Friday, my friends. Happy Black Russian Friday Elvis.

One Response to “Friday:) Fixin’ This and That, and Mixin’ It Up With Elvis on the Shelvis”

  1. Cheryl December 5, 2020 at 11:08 am #

    Elvis &Texas…just right. Mom liked Elvis. Grew up in Texas.

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