Saturday:) Stunning Sunsets and a Sentimental Elvis on the Shelvis

13 Dec

“I never tire on my journey when I am greeted each morning with a glorious sunrise and end the day with a stunning sunset.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


I’m sipping a cup of hot green tea, looking at photos, just reminiscing. What impresses me most (besides grand-babies ) is all the awesome sunset photos I have. I live in a beautiful neighborhood with wonderful friends and awesome sites to see.

Through the park, on my way to the pond.
The clouds were hiding the glowing orange sun. for a while.
I walked across the street to where the horses usually graze. They must have been inside watching TV or playing video games. Oh, maybe playing horse shoes in the barn.
The sun was slithering further down the horizon.
Almost gone!
A red-orange ribbon remains. Wouldn’t you love to see that every day? All these photos were taken on the same day, within half an hour, just stunning.

For today, I want to add a throwback Elvis from last year when I was visiting the family in Chicago. In honor of Christmas/Hanukkah…

Elvis on the Shelvis. Merry Chrismukkah, my friends,

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