Sharing Saturday:) So, What’s Cookin’ Today

31 Jan

“Birds gotta fly in the sky, fish gotta swim in the lake. Miss Toni’s gotta cook, and she’s also gotta bake.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


Today was an enchanting enchilada kinda day. I found that I have some friends and neighbors that love to eat but they hate to cook. Well, it just so happens that I love to cook and bake. What a perfect combination.

Today, Miss Kathy across the street was the lucky recipient of my OCC…Obsessive Compulsive Cooking. Chicken Cheese Enchiladas, with a side of salad, chips and Bernard’s Salsa.

After taste testing a full plate for quality assurance, dropping off my Super Uper Eats delivery across the street, I went for a slow evening stroll. The sunset wasn’t colorful, but rather a windy misty hazy blur. Still beautiful.

My equine Neighbor friend was enjoying his dinner while I soaked up the sunset.

A very nice lazy Saturday.

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