Saturday:) St. Francis vs Hail Storm

21 Mar

When you go through storms in your life, you can either be pitiful or powerful, but you can’t be both. Your attitude determines your victory…
Nishan Panwar


We had a couple of severe hail storms and frigid temps in the last couple of months. Now, with Spring finally here, I went out in my back yard to see how many shrubs, plants or bushes I may have lost. I’m afraid a few didn’t make it.

I usually say a little prayer to St. Francis to protect the creatures great and small during a storm, but I failed to say a prayer FOR St. Francis. I have a very old plastic statue out in my back yard. My mom gave him to many years ago, and he has traveled with me from home to Home. He has weathered many storms.

As you can see, poor St. Francis has sustained a serious head injury, brain damage, perhaps a concussion.

Now, the decision is, do I attempt brain surgery or should I purchase a new St. Francis?

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