Saturday:) Some Serious Diggin’! Can Ya Dig It?

25 Apr

“First law on holes – when you’re in one, stop digging!”

Denis Healey


My week has been overly busy And stressful with procrastination and task avoidance, so today, I raised my hand in the air and vowed, “As God is my witness, I’m gonna do something productive today.” I slithered out of bed around 10am, listened to a podcast on healing the body and mind, talked on the phone some, walked the dog, and made some lunch around 2. The day halfway gone and my fisted vow still on my mind, I decided to do a little digging. Can ya dig it?

I started out back in the flower beds. Some very tall grass was gracefully growing where it shouldn’t, so I pulled out the clumps that popped out easily after all the rain. Then, I transplanted the clumps over by some bare spots along the back patio. Hopefully it will take and grow. I had several dry dead bushes and plants that didn’t make it through the bitter freeze we had this winter, so decided to dig them out today. How hard could it be? 🤦‍♀️ Well, these little bushes had deep thick roots that extended down to the depths of hell. Seriously!

I started out by trimming off the tall dead twiggy ends with the electric orange trimming thingy. At first I thought a spade would loosen things up, but don’t forget the roots from hell. So, the big spade shovel was used and the tall manual big branch snipper thingy cut the thick roots.
It took all my strength and putting all my weight into every crunchy dig. (And that’s a lot of weight!) My personal assistant inspected each hole to check for accuracy. Unfortunately, during her inspections, she uncovered a bunny nest. I heard some noise from across the yard that sounded like a squeaky toy. I knew she had no toys outside. OH NO! I ran over and a swarm of baby bunnies came racing from under her feet. I had to pick her up and take her into the house. She wanted those babies, and I don’t think it was to play hide and seek.
There was one remaining baby In the nest that looked injured in the corner under the drain spout. His little paw wiggling ever so slightly. It didn’t look promising. I built a little barricade of stones and some bushy roots to protect the baby from Bella. I hope the others made it to safety somewhere. They were so tiny.

Well, I got all my digging done out back. I still have ten bags of mulch out front for the front flower beds. I may have to get more on Monday for the back. Of course, those will sit there a long time too. Don’t forget, I have a MAP, Masters of the Art of Procrastination.

“First law on holes – when you’re in one, stop digging!”

Denis Healey

I need to stop digging holes, as I’m always in one.

Hopefully you are having a fine productive Saturday. Can ya dig it?

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