Wednesday:) What’s Up, Miss Toni? Not MULCH!

28 Apr

“There is an abandonment, an escape, that physical labor bestows.”
― Steven Gould


As far back as I can remember, I’ve never been opposed to good hard physical labor. I’m not that strong, but if I can let out a big grunt and drag a bag of heavy rain soaked mulch from one place to another, I’m gonna do it.

I jokingly put in my tips from Toni last week, that if you leave your bags of mulch in front of your garage long enough, someone will offer to help. The truth is, I did have a couple of offers of help, but I like to do as much as I can on my own, while I’m still young and strong enough to do the hard work. (I take that back. I’m neither young nor strong. I should have said naive and stupid enough.)

I should have taken some before and after photos. I just have the after. I did have the neighbor’s landscaping guy dig out a couple of my dead bushes from in front. He only dug out two, thinking the one I had trimmed down that had a few baby shoots growing I wanted to save. Nope! So, a few days later, I tried to dig that last dead sucker out by myself. Holy Hannah! It took over an hour of grunting and cursing and digging and snipping to get that one little guy out. (These are just the bags left for the back yard.)

After I got that demon out, the big holes and dingy bare space was looking sad, so I decided to put down a few bags of mulch to spruce it up. I grunted and lifted and dragged each bag into place and slit each bag open with a knife and the precision of a fine surgeon. Not really, I spilled mulch all over me.

Look how awesome that looks. So satisfying when I look at it and say, “I did that!” My roses are in bloom and my big red condominium bird feeder attracts the birds. Cool!

While I was at it and the sun was slowly setting, I tackled the small space where I pulled out all the tall decorative grass that died with the killer winter frost. I added mulch and put my reclaimed flower box (Nextdoor neighbor threw out and I painted it) in front where it could be seen and appreciated. I’m going to get some other flowers, but I had to display the cute yellow plant that Miss Sherri gave me.

I bought some Scott black plastic edging that will have to wait for another day and more energy.

I worked until dark, and could barely straighten up without groaning. Later in the evening, I went out and saw the beautiful moon and admired my handiwork.

I am thankful for my strength, perseverance, my beautiful home, God’s great blessings and … TYLENOL!

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