Friday Friends, Furry Creatures and Other Fun Stuff

15 May

“ Still amazed at my amazing life. Life is good.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


My Friday was delightful. A lazy morning, walked Bella, had lunch and planned my evening. Joni and Bob texted me and said they would be happy to pick me up for karaoke at the VFW. I accepted and appreciated the ride. It was good to see old friends and dance and sing and drink a little too much wine. And now, it’s still Friday, so I have to have my Black Russian. I’m a creature of habit.

Speaking of creatures, during my many walks with Bella, I had the opportunity to see a few creatures. I wasn’t fast enough to capture the squirrel, but I did catch a few other creatures.

A crazy bird was carrying around some food source, fluttering about from tree to sidewalk.
Sammi, across the street, was playing hide and seek with me and Bella, the dog.
Bella had Sammi scurrying up the tree for safety and I was thinking, hmm, maybe I should call the cute firemen to rescue the cat. But alas, Sammi climbed down on his own. Darn.

It was a fun night at the VFW for Karaoke. I sang and danced and had wine, and it was fun. Joni and Bob were so kind to transport me both ways, as they know I won’t drink and drive.

Richard even told Danny, the DJ, that I wanted to sing “Proud Mary,” NOOOO! I never sang that before, but the wine convinced me that I could do it. Hopefully it wasn’t too bad. It was nice to sing and dance and have a good time, like the olden days.

I even convinced Jerry to dance one song with me, despite his painful back.

Now, it’s nearly midnight and I have to get my Black Russian in under the wire. Please forgive any typing and grammatical inebriated errors. CHEERS!

Just under the wire. 11:56

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