Wednesday:) What’s Cookin’ Miss Toni? Don’t Cry Over Spilt or Sour Milk

17 Jun

“When life gives you sour milk, don’t despair. Make cheese.”

-Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


I very rarely buy milk. My vegan and vegetarian sons talked me out of using animal milk and to switch to almond or cashew milk. But, every once in a while I need milk for a recipe. When I buy even a half gallon, I use very little, so I put the remainder in recycled water bottles and freeze.

When I had that freezer flare up and had to clean and defrost it, I threw out some old stuff, but just put the milk in the fridge for another day. Well, I forgot about it, and the milk got sour. I vaguely remember there were things to make with sour milk, so I googled it. Yes! Cheese! Even if it didn’t work, it was a learning experience.

I lured the sour milk into a sauce pan and simmered on my lowest heat. I didn’t add any vinegar or lemon juice. I figured I’d do that later. Then, I went over to the couch and was checking emails and Facebook.

Well, I totally forgot about the stove. Haven’t you done that before? I heard a strange distant sputtering sound from the kitchen. “Oh no. The cheese!”

I caught it before it burned. Then, I stirred it around. The liquid was gone, and it had formed a ricotta constancy type cheese. I gave it a taste… yum.

For tonight’s dinner. Rescued reclaimed sour milk, forgotten and almost burned cheese taco. OLÉ!

Here’s one of the videos I watched on how to make cheese, or you can just wing it like I did. Put it in a pan and forget about it.

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