Friday Fun With the Family:) Feeling Blessed

10 Jul

“The greatest blessing in the world is our children and our family. And it seems the tinier the child, the bigger the blessing. “

~ Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


Another fine fun filled whirlwind day with the “wittle ones.” Uh oh! I’m starting to talk wike them too. That’s what Gwamas do. A few photos to show its true.

Drawing, tv, a trip to the park, and giving Grandma a little preview of tomorrow’s dance class.
Checking the dog for any possible illness, enjoying the park, playing with her babies and sliding on the big slide.
Big sister reading to little sister after her nice nap.
Making veggie tacos for Mommy and Daddy and me after the wittle ones were in bed. Everyone was hungry.

Ah, finally. It’s Black Russian Friday. No ice cream, but I found some vodka. I couldn’t find a glass, so I used a mason jar, only to find out there were many glasses all right above the kitchen sink. Duh! All is quiet now, The adventures continue tomorrow. Life is good.

Cheers, my friends!

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