Saturday:) Sanctuary Sketches

29 Aug

”The sun shall shine in ages yet to be, The musing moon illumine pastures dim, And afterwards a new nativity for all who slept the dreamless interim.”

~Natalie Crane


Thursday afternoon, I spent a couple of hours or more sketching in the Sanctuary. I’ve already done all the Rose windows, a sculpture, the mosaic dove, and the crucifix. So, after lighting my candle, I walked the side perimeters of stained glass windows in search of my next religious reference. So many choices. I finally was inspired by the window of The Nativity. A perfect choice.

Good choice, right?
You’re probably thinking, wow, look how quickly and easily Miss Toni can sketch. What you don’t see is all the light lines, erase marks, more sketching and more erasing. This took about two hours to get this far. I always sketch the main outlines and complete the rest at home.
I just finished this a few minutes ago, with probably another couple of hours of work. Not really work as much as an artistic labor of love. Then, to put the sketch in my Artisto app to create those cool colors and backgrounds.
One of my favorites. I’m not sure if I should have added the leaded lines from the window. I guess I could always add them later.
Well, a few of my favorites. I’m sure you can see why I enjoy my meditative sketching in the Sanctuary and creating these beautiful images.

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