Throwback Thursday:) Popsi

22 Oct

“We’re all immortal, as long as our stories are told.”
― Elizabeth Hunter


I really like this quote. “We’re all immortal, as long as our stories are told.”
And, the only way that are stories will be told is if we share them with others.

I have an entire wall of photos in my bedroom. One side of the wall displays photos of my ancestors, those not with us anymore. The other side has photos of my current family. There are stories to share from both sides.

One of my favorite photos is the one of Popsi. Everyone just called him Popsi, but his name was José. He was my great-grandfather. I heard a few stories from my mom about this sweet and gentle man, it Nothing was ever written down. Mom is gone now, so I can’t ask her and record the stories. Fortunately, my Auntie Frances is still going strong, well in her 90’s, and my cousins are recording stories of her life and our family.

This is our Popsi. The only story I remember about this photo was, Popsi was a valet for a matador. One day, he “borrowed” the ornate clothing and posed for a photograph. This is the original photo that I remember seeing when I was a little girl, visiting my great-grandparents. It was passed down to my grandmother Antoinette, who passed it on to her daughter Trini, who passed it down to me.
I looked in my family Bible, also passed down to me from my mother, to see if there was any information about Popsi. Nope! But, Mom’s siblings, births, weddings, etc. are recorded. I guess we have to start somewhere. I guess I should update my Bible with my family history too, before it’s too late.

Tell your story… become immortal.

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